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Our Content Marketing Services: e-Mail Campaigns

What Is an e-Mail Campaign?

E-Mail campaigns are specially designed campaigns to contact (or follow up with) customers and / or potential customers.

e-Mail messages that are sent out during such campaigns are normally designed such that each message build upon the previous one to further stress a major point (or points) of importance.

Messages normally go out on a pre-determined schedule, giving the recipient enough time to "consume" the contents of a specific e-mail message before the next one arrives.

The function of an e-mail campaign is to build trust gradually, making the person more open to want to do business with your organisation.

Benefits of an e-Mail Campaign

The widespread use of these powerful tools has put e-mail marketing campaigns within the reach of ALL businesses - not only billion-dollar multi-nationals.

In fact, using e-mail campaigns allows smaller companies to compete with their bigger competitors because of the relatively low cost.

Compared to print advertising and radio / TV commercials, e-mail is outright "cheap."

In addition, an e-mail marketing campaign can contain much more information than other media like broadcasting, print advertising ... or even brochures.

Finally, once the design of your e-mail campaign is complete, it doesn't cost that much more to send it to more people. In fact, as you increase the number of people the e-mail goes to, the cost per customer goes DOWN!

E-Mail messages are instant. No need for the customer to be watching at a specific time or miss it ... with e-mail the message is there when the customer opens the message.

Unlike almost all other marketing methods, e-mail messages can be personalised, addressing the customer by her / his name. This gives it more "kapow!"

Are You Planning an e-Mail Campaign?

The planning you put into your e-mail campaign will determine its effectiveness. By getting professional assistance with both the planning and the execution of the plan, you boost your chances of success.

Let AlbaNZ Communications be your partner in this endeavour, and you can rest assured that you get the best advice. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your e-mail campaign.


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How we do business has changed forever due to the internet.

In March 2013, according to I.T.U., 38% of the world population - about 2.8 bn people - use the internet.

Let us show you how your organisation can utilise the internet to its maximum potential to reach your customers!