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Our Content Marketing Services: Autoresponder Packages

What Is an Autoresponder Package?

Simply put, an autoresponder is an automated e-mail message that is sent to somebody in response to a message that (s)he sends to you. A simple example of this is the "Out of Office" ability of modern e-mail servers like MS Outlook™. You know how that works - someone sends you an e-mail message, and if your out-of-office feature is switched on, your mail server will immediately send a return message to the original sender, informing them that you are out of the office.

More Advanced Features

However, these days autoresponders are used in much more powerful ways, and they can (or rather "should") form an integral part of your company's overall content marketing plan.

For example, when someone downloads a Case Study or White Paper from your website, the autoresponder sequence is immediately started, and will send the recipient the requested document ... followed by a range of six or more follow-up e-mail messages at pre-determined intervals, all of which are related to the document they downloaded from your website.

This is very powerful. It is like an unpaid worker who never tires, and never sleeps ... sending messages out to potential customers 24 x 7 - without fail!

In order to “get it right,” however, requires a copywriter who knows what works and what not.

Do You Need an Autoresponder Package?

Every business can benefit from having a well-planned autoresponder system. But therein lies the secret - it has to be well planned; otherwise you are just wasting time (and money)! And this is where a copywriting professional is indispensable.

AlbaNZ Communications can help you plan and design your autoresponder system so it works in tandem with all your other marketing efforts to give your business the maximum ROI for your marketing dollars.

Benefits of Autoresponder Systems

A well-planned autoresponder system will give you the following benefits:

  1. Build trust with prospective customers 
  2. Pre-sell prospective customers on your products or services 
  3. Keep in touch with prospective customers without spamming them 
  4. Help your organisation stay front of mind with the prospective customer 
  5. Make your sales task easier when the person is ready for the next phase in their decision-making process 

I Want to Use This Powerful Tool - What Now?

Let AlbaNZ Communications help you design your autoresponder system to get the most benefit from it.

Contact us today to help you plan, write and implement your autoresponder system for maximum effect.

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Special Note               

How we do business has changed forever due to the internet.

In March 2013, according to I.T.U., 38% of the world population - about 2.8 bn people - use the internet.

Let us show you how your organisation can utilise the internet to its maximum potential to reach your customers!